All About Us


Since 2000, By-the-Park has faithfully delivered quality and meaningful preschool programme to our charges.

Our vision leads us towards being a best practice teaching and learning facility for our children, teachers and families, our 3 key stakeholders.

Our mission – to provide an encouraging environment for positive life-long learning journeys for children, teachers and families and to instill nurturing values and sustainable practices in our children, teachers and families.

We focus our efforts on nurturing 4 core values in our children; being a Creative, Articulate, Respectful and Empowered child.

Our program is supported by 4 core beliefs :

  • Children are active learners who learn at different pace and are motivated towards areas of their interests
  • Teacher-child relationship is a core pillar in the child’s learning journey
  • Classroom environment is a critical learning facility to encourage children’s active learning
  • Parents and the community are important partners in our learning journeys

We unpack these guiding principles into a program that is fun and meaningful for all, children, teachers and families.

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