Bridging Programme

At By-The-Park, we have always taken pride in the dedication and professional standard of our team. While ensuring we provide quality pre-school programmes for the mainstream preschoolers, we recognize that some children could face respective challenges or delays in their social, emotional or other development.

By-the-Park’s Bridging Programme aims to address such needs by working on individual plans tailored to suit your child’s needs. Through various small and large group activities, children learn to interact and make meaningful connections with their atypical peers. We believe that such integration will provide the platform for children with different needs to be an integral part of our community.

By-The-Park’s Bridging Programme (BP) is specially tailored to suit 2 – 6 year old children with learning challenges. We aim to provide:

  • Opportunities for your child to integrate into our mainstream environment with the guidance of our trained and experienced BP teacher
  • Carefully crafted sets of Learning Goals to closely monitor your child’s needs and progress
  • Programme flexibility in allowing your child to compliment his/her other specialist programs
  • Twice, thrice, 4 or 5 times a week
  • Learning goals uniquely developed for each child
  • Happy and meaningful preschool experiences with all peers