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Sports Programme

What is Our Sports Programme?

Our Sports Programme provides structured age specific activities for our Nursery 2 to Kindergarten 2 children that allow the children to participate in a number of physical games and activities in a fun and safe environment. Using the Sports Council’s Fun Start Move Smart as our fundamental reference, the focus of our Sports Program is on teaching the child, not on teaching the activities. Teachers are careful to avoid over or under assist and to utilize simple short and clear verbal and visual cues in their instructions.

Children are given opportunities to make choices in their activities and to build up movement skills progressively. The activities are planned for maximum participation and minimum waiting and watching time. Teachers provide genuine, appropriate, positive and specific feedback and help children develop the spirit to try without fear of failure. Above all else, the children’s safety is of utmost importance.

The innovative aspect of our Sports Programme lies in our children being directly involved in their own learning as they brainstorm and think of innovative ways to transform everyday materials into sporting equipment and materials. These are then used for various activities to reinforce the skills that they have learnt. The program is apportioned into 4 terms consisting of 10 weeks each and each term will focus on a specific area of development.

The teachers are provided with a guide that includes the skills to be practiced and suggested activities. It also includes a section for teachers to record the children’s input as they plan and create activities that would reinforce their learning of the skills that were introduced. In the following examples that are provided, we have included some of the ideas that children have suggested to reinforce their learning for the various skills.